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    Summerdale High: Freshman Year


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    Summerdale High: Freshman Year

    Post by UnicornTart on Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:07 am

    Summerdale High: Freshman Year
    *Based off Glee and Degrassi*
    After transferring so many schools due to his parents fighting for custody battles while moving around to city and city in South Korea. It finally seemed like Jin-Seok father gained custody and moved to the United States. Now, in this new world- with new traditions and people...he must try to survive.
    Well, actually just survive for four years. Doesn't seem so bad right?
    When transferring to Littlewood High, The school for perfects and is way more technologically advanced in the district, something goes wrong and Jin is forced to go to another school. Summerdale High, a failing school that has the potential to be a great one but has the wrong leaders running it.

    Could Jin bring this school back with some likely *and* unlikely friends and allies? Possibly even foes?
    Why did Littlewood's administration not take any action for Jin's transferring? Are they possibly hiding something corrupt?
    Either way, Jin's High School adventure is going to be filled with drama, romance, and heartbreak. This is going to be a (very) long four years of high school...  

    This RP will deal with serious and adult subjects, be warned.

    -No god modding.
    -You can't be a member of Jin's family in the RP. Jin and his father moved to the United States. Literally, all his family is in South Korea.
    -No controlling other people's characters unless they are alright with it.
    -If we are going to do a three or more RP based thing. Then it will go
    1st person is 'x'
    2nd person is 'xx'
    3rd person is 'xxx'

    'x' will go first, then 'xx' and then 'xxx'. This cycle will then repeat.

    -No rushing people, we all have lives. But this will be an exception if a person has not responded in four days. (Just PM them a quick reminder and ask, don't be rude please')

    Name: (First and last, middle is optional)

    Age: (14-18, if older than they either have to be a teacher or parent. Or just other adult/elder persons. This does not apply to seniors after they graduate.)

    Gender: (Male, Female or Other)

    Species: (Human Only)



    Occupation: (If they have part-time or full-time jobs. If they don't have a job, put 'N/A')

    Sexuality: (Straight, BI, Pan, Homosexual, etc.)

    Love Status: Single or Taken?


    (Students are allowed to wear whatever they want, but teachers have to wear 'mature' and 'work clothing'. This does not apply to parents and other adults/elders)

    Siblings: (Take off or put 'N/A' if they don't have any siblings)

    (ADD HERE)

    (ADD HERE)


    (Add up to three sentences or more.)

    (Talents are certain things characters can go. They are pretty much hobbies but usually are just one thing. Characters will have up to two talents, due to the fact that Talents are going to repeat.)
    EX: Jin will have the 'Talent' of begin a cheerleader/athletics, but is also a gamer.
         Nathan will have the 'Talent' of begin a weight lifting/athletics but is also a musician.

    More than one characters will have the same talent, and if that is the case. Then you have the ability to make a 'Second Talent'. As I said, Talents can be whatever you want to ice skating...begin a writer...drawing/begin an artist...hairstyling... the possibilities are endless! So be creative!

    Talent Class
    Talent Classes are the 'groups' your character is going to be in. Talent Classes are usually after and during school. These classes are never going to be Math, Science, Reading or English. But for your 'Talent Class,' there will be a possibility of a 'Class' similar to the main four.

    (All the talents that are listed here are examples. You don't have to use them as they are here to get the jist of things, but you can.)
    Fine Arts- Artist (All kinds), Musician/Band, Gaming, Writing, Fashion Designer and anything that involves you using your creative mind

    Athletics- Cheerleading, Football, Ice Skating, Dancing, Swimming and pretty much anything that involves you working out or begin physical

    Liberal Arts- Other Languages, Historian, Advanced Math, Advanced Science, Advanced English, Advanced History, etc
    *'Advanced' means you have a talent in one of these core activities. But they just focus all around on that said subject)

    Please tell me if I should add more!

    *The reason on why I called this, 'Freshman Year'. Is because I plan on making it all the way to 'Senior year'.*
    P.S Characters who already graduated, will be free to visit their younger friends, but they can't appear as older, coz they are adults!

    P.S.S New characters are free to come in, I mean it is High School, people come into other High Schools all the time- at least in my experince...


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    Re: Summerdale High: Freshman Year

    Post by Asyrrith on Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:05 pm

    —Personal OC's—
    Freshman — Natalie Martin

    Freshman — Jessica Ucker
    Freshman — Jason Cox
    Junior — Danny Martin
    Junior — Spencer Boyd

    —Selective NPC—
    SDH Counselor — Mr. Eulon Weber
    Biology Teacher — Mr. Goran Dublansky

    ○ Selective NPC means that the creator of the character is the primary speaker for the character but can also be used as an "NPC" / free-to-use type of character. Please respect the wishes/guidelines of each individual Selective NPC character's creator.

    {I will edit this post if/when I develop new characters}
    {All profiles will be or are constantly changing}

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    Re: Summerdale High: Freshman Year

    Post by UnicornTart on Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:11 am

    Freshman- Uni Lynch
    Freshman- Jin-Seok
    Junior- Lola Allen
    Senior- Miles Parker

    ((Characters will be added to reply/possible made new reply as the RP goes on.))


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    SDH: FY - Part 1

    Post by Asyrrith on Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:33 pm

    Part 1

    A group of friends seek justice as they attempt to uncover the dark secrets hidden by their school counselor, Mr. Weber.




    Jessica Ucker | Jason Cox | Spencer Boyd


    ○ Jin arrives at Summerdale High
    ○ Natalie befriends Jin
    ○ Jin meets Danny
    ○ Class begins and Mr. Weber targets Lola
    ○ Natalie and Jin encounter and walk with Danny from 1st to 2nd
    ○ Jin learns about Mr. Dublansky and his teaching methods
    ○ Natalie and Jin plot to create drama for nosy cheerleader Jessica
    ○ Jordan introduces himself; gets invited to create the week's drama
    ○ Danny finds Lola in the hallway at the beginning of lunch crying, comforts her and brings her to a safe place
    ○ Danny goes in search of Jordan and Miles; they hatch a plan to get justice for Lola
    ○ Uni wants to know about the portable
    ○ Natalie drags Jin along as they go break in to find out what's going on
    ○ Danny finds the three in the portable, explains what's going on
    ○ Natalie insists on helping them
    ○ They leave Lola to continue sleeping as they head to 3rd
    ○ 4th, Danny takes Jin to practice basketball while Jordan helps Natalie create drama for Jessica
    ○ Lola wakes up during 4th, tries to leave but is confronted by Mr. Weber
    ○ Miles, outside smoking, watches up until Mr. Weber grabs Lola; proceeds to assault Mr. Weber
    ○ Being restrained, police and ambulance arrive to take Mr. Weber to the hospital and Miles to the precinct
    ○ A video of the assault and take away spreads across the chat rooms
    ○ The group is thinks their plan is doomed, only to come up with a new plan
    ○ They are called to attention when the teacher returns and turns their fun time into work time
    ○ Danny and Jordan have a race
    ○ After talking down about Miles, Spencer questions Natalie's interest in Danny's friends as he not-so-subtly suggests he is better than Jordan

    —More to Come—

    — To be updated as the RP progresses —


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    Re: Summerdale High: Freshman Year

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